Cantook is also a community—a network created to share the experience and knowledge needed to compete in the most dynamic of markets (because we are never the only one who’s questioned a method or explored new possibilities).

Have questions? Want to share your experiences and triumphs with other members? Do you want to connect and become part of a new kind of (open) network? Join the Cantook community now.

The Convergence Seminar

Each year, De Marque organizes a seminar for its Cantook partners. Convergence was chosen as the theme for these events, as it is an approach to a common goal, seeking the same ends. All invited partners evolve around Cantook with similar objectives: to play an active role in the advancement of the e-book industry; to take advantage of new possibilities of cultural expansion, and to seize the opportunities made available through technology and the web to promote diversity in the digital publishing world.

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